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Nov 1, 2009 8:00am EST
. the president and first lady welcomes 2,000 kids and parents to celebrate the holiday. ms. obama was the only one in costume. they got goody bags full of m & m's and a treat from the white house pastry chef. >>> fox 5's matt acland looks at some more memorable get-ups. >> reporter: it's a tradition aswell known as trick or treating. m street attracting famous people. our first celebrity citing, the athletic and beautiful. >> i'm serena williams. it started to rain, hail, sleet, bring it on. >> reporter: but on a night so frightful, even the dead were spotted. >> did you know maryland monroe is dating the beast. >> we were hoping there won't be that much people. >> i'm a midnight ferry. >> did you make your costume or did your mom do it? >> my mom. >> reporter: for many this was not about dressing up, instead they brought the people for people watching. >> you have done this before? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what do you think of the outfits so far? >> interesting. >> reporter: to deal with some of the traffic issues, authorities set up barricades along m street and blocked off side streets but
Nov 15, 2009 8:00am EST
: they want to review all material from an inquiry ordered by president obama. >> soldiers now continue to prepare for deployment in afghanistan in fort hood. >>> sandbags are the only preparation against flooding. neighborhoods come together to help. >> reporter: these folk have been bringing in sandbags and they won't quit. >> they living in hunting towns nestled along the shore of the chesapeake bay. >> this is the first time it's gotten where the houses have been -- >> we are sorry for the audio difficulties. we'll try to get that back later. many coastal communities are waiting for high tides before they can assess damage that has been done. >>> the storm has created trouble in virginia too. particularly in hampton roads in norfolk. governor kaine visited with families and many suffered millions of dollars in damage. some of whom lost their homes altogether. >> it's more than just a physical thing, it is an extension of who you are. so when you see the damage not just to appliances, but family pictures and heirlooms and papers and things you can't recover, it's sad to see it. >> go
Nov 8, 2009 8:00am EST
. >> if we do nothing, the system will go bankrupt, benefits will be slashed. >> reporter: president obama made a appearance on capitol hill and then delivered a speech at the white house. >> now is the time to finish the job. the bill that has the house has produced will provide stability for americans who have insurance. >> reporter: as far as the final numbers in the vote. 39 democrats broke with their party and voted against the bill. one republican broke with his party tand voted for the bill. lousiana republican representative joseph go is considered the most closest to the democrats for the bill. >> even know the democrats have a majority in the senate, some have expressed issues about rushing this bill through. melanie. >>> new developments in the shooting rampage at fort hood. major nidal malik hasan has been taken off a ventilator. he still remains in icu. jennifer davis has reaction from family and friends of the victims. >> lieutenant colonel juanita l warman. 55 of maryland. >> reporter: army officials read the names of the 13 killed during the massacre of fort hood. >>ohn p.
Nov 29, 2009 8:00am EST
dedicated ventilation systems. >>> the obama administration is offering more help for struggling homeowners. on monday they will announce steps of additional home loans being converted into lower month payments. they want to go to work on companies lagging behind on loan modification. >>> and today we look at health care and christmas trees. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton speaks out on the global hiv epidemic on the eve of world aids day. she'll address the administration's efforts to fight the disease and be joined by the u.s. global aids coordinator and the secretary of health and human services. >>> monday, an intelligent report on the alleged fort hood shooter, nidal malik hasan, is due. it will reflect any signs that were overlooked and terror officials will release the findings. >>> tuesday, finishing the job. the president announces his plan for afghanistan, the long awaited update will reveal if he's decided to send more troops. the president address will take place at the west point military academy. >>> tuesday is world aids day. activists will increase awareness
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4